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10 Personalities You Need To Avoid In Life

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10 Personalities You Need To Avoid In Life

10 Personalities You Need To Avoid In Life

Being able to identify these ten different types of people will allow us to protect ourselves if they happen to appear in our lives. Instead of getting caught up in a frustrating or messy relationship, we can head them off at the pass and focus our energies instead on pursuing those individuals with whom we can have satisfying and meaningful relationship
s, devoid of unnecessary complications.
Life is challenging enough without our adding to the things that might go wrong. Knowing more about the types of people to avoid and the kinds of problems they’re likely to create in our lives will help us prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Number ten on the list is the “Volcano.” This is a person who carries around a whole lot of anger. You have to know that sooner or later the volcano is going to blow, and will spill hot lava all over you. Their reaction might be triggered by something you do or say but in reality, you couldn’t possibly have done anything to evoke this intense an explosion. You’ll end up walking around on eggshells, when what you need to do is just walk away.

Number nine on the list is the “Dreamer.” This is someone who always has the next big secret of success just at their fingertips. They’re filled with great ideas and plans; the thing is, they never follow through. Or, if they do, it wasn’t carefully thought out and it’s an unmitigated disaster. These people usually end up in huge debt and even going bankrupt. Attaching yourself to someone like this is a guaranteed way of getting dragged down with them.

In the eighth spot on the list is the “Lost Boy/ Girl” This person, be they male or female, is living out the Peter Pan scenario. They are refusing to grow up and are subtly trying to manipulate those around them to take on their care and feeding. This person is making a choice. They actually could grow up if they wanted to. Because they refuse to be responsible for themselves, they’ll be a burden on you forever. Walk away.

Number seven on the list is the “Narcissist.” This person loves themselves to the exclusion of everyone else. Initially, they might appear charming and fascinating but eventually you’ll realize that it’s always all about them. They don’t take an interest in you and can be quite callous when you are in need of their empathy or support.
If you manage to inadvertently interfere with them getting their needs met, you’ll see their dark side in the fury they unleash when thwarted. They also experience your standing up for yourself as an offense against them. All in all, not someone to associate with if you enjoy being treated with respect.

In sixth place on the list is the “Drama Queen.” This person can be male or female, and they’re characterized by the need to be the center of attention and to create drama everywhere they go. Either they are in trouble and needing to be rescued or they make trouble for the people in their lives. They even like to pit one person against another. Run, do not walk away from such an individual.

Number five on the list is the “Cynic.” This is an angry, bitter individual who sees the bad in everything. They are jaded and feel as though nothing can surprise them. This is just a psychological defense against their own feelings of vulnerability. They have unconsciously decided that this is the way to avoid being hurt. The problem is, they are very hurtful to us in their nasty negativity. Because they are so attached to this identity, they’re unwilling to let it go. We need to let them go.

In fourth place on the list is the “Charmer.” This person may appear attractive and they certainly know all the right things to say, but they’d sell you down the river in a moment’s notice without an ounce of regret. Their whole reason for being is to manipulate and exploit others. They lie with a smile on their face. They cheat, steal and break all the rules and they do it all with such finesse. These people are dangerous to body and soul; not to mention our pocketbook. To be avoided at all costs.

Coming in at third place is the “Complainer.” This individual blames everyone else for everything that’s going wrong in their life. Because they refuse to be accountable for the consequences of their choices, they’ll keep repeating the same mistakes and will continue to accuse those around them of causing their misfortune. If you constantly want to be made to feel responsible for their problems, stick around. Otherwise, feel free to spend your time with people who don’t play this game.

In the second spot on the list is the “Boor.” This is a pretentious name-dropper and social climber who see you as a way up on their road to success. They crave money, power and fame and will stop at nothing to obtain these things. Social interactions are all strategic to them and designed to maximize their access to all the fancier things in life. I like to call this person the “Bore.” You can do better.

In first place on the list of people to avoid is the “Wild Child.” They are the rebel, the rule-breaker, the one who acts on impulse. At first they might seem exotic and exciting but very quickly we see that their impulsive behaviour is destructive to them and to the people who they’re close to. Their recklessness and disregard for their own and other’s welfare quickly loses its allure. They might be willing to take the consequences of not thinking before they act, but we don’t have to. There’s fun and there’s downright stupidity.

Halleluiah in the highest praise.

Halleluiah in the highest praise. Beautiful connection of souls and spirit ♥


What are Akashic Records ?

Akashic Records

What are Akashic Records ?
Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space.  The Akashic Records can also be understood as the imprint of all experiences of all lifetime in all realities.  They are an etheric, holographic repository of information for human consciousness for the past, present and potentials for the future.  The energy that makes up the Akashic Records is the energy of Love!  The knowledge contained in the Akashic Records is imprinted upon a subtle substance called the Akasha, which describes the energy of Love that permeates and creates everything in the Universe. 
The Akasha is available everywhere, all the time.  Everyone can access information from the Akashic Records at any time, and indeed we do!  The flashes of intuition and knowing hunches that occur every day are glimpses into the divine wisdom contained in the Akashic Records.  Every being in the Universe contributes to and accesses the Akashic Records.  Because we are all created by and connected to the energy of Love, our divine birthright includes having access to the divine wisdom and knowledge contained in the Akashic Records.
The Akashic Records contain all past, present, and future possibilities through the vibrations of compassion and joy.  They are like the DNA of the universe.  They contain a collection of everything that has occurred in the past, and they hold a complete set of information regarding possibilities for the future.  Every individual soul has its own, unique Akashic Record.  The souls of groups, events, organizations, and locations also have a unique Akashic Record.
One way to understand the Akashic Records is to envision them as a book that contains the entire history of your soul, as well as every aspect of who you are now and all the potentials for your future.  This metaphorical book is so vast that it could never exist physically.  Instead, it is recorded energetically in the vibration of the Love that makes up everything in the Universe. 
The clear truth contained in the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things.  When we know the truth, we can release any illusions we have created that cause us to believe we are separate from God, Spirit, or Source.  The Akashic Records are one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today, to help us remember our Oneness with every being in the Universe, and to find our personal and collective power to create the realities we desire.
What is the history of the Akashic Records?
The concept of the Akashic Records has been referred to in every spiritual tradition on the planet.  In the Bible, it is referred to as the Book of Life.  The Akashic Records are also referred to as the Cosmic Mind or Universal Mind, as well as the Eye of God and the Word of God.  References to the Akashic Records, or the eternal Book of Life, date back to antiquity. References in the Old Testament and beyond give us the sense that there is a collective storehouse of knowledge that is written on the fabric of reality.
The energy that contains the information in the Akashic Records is called Akasha, which is a Sanskrit term meaning “primary substance.”  This is the energy that makes up everything in the Universe.  It is the energy of love.  In Hindu mysticism Akasha is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles of fire, air, earth, and water, are created.  Every vibration that occurs in the Universe through our thoughts, words, and deeds creates an indelible imprint on the Akasha, leaving an energetic recording of every soul and every creation. 
The word, Akasha, is derived from two ancient Tibetan or northern Indian words.  “Aka” means space, storage place, or repository, and “Sa” means sky, hidden, or secret.  A simple translation of “Akasha” is “an unseen space or storage place.”  The Akashic Records are, then, a hidden library of records imprinted on the subtle space of the Akasha.   The Akashic Records are believed to have existed since the beginning of the time-space continuum of planet Earth. 
Who has access to the Akashic Records?
Just as we have various kinds of physical libraries, such as law libraries and medical libraries, there are various ethereal libraries in the Akashic Records.  Every person, animal, group, organization, event, and location on Earth has a unique Akashic Record.  By divine birthright, we have the ability to access our own personal Akashic Records, as well as the Records of any group of which we are a part.
Every being on the planet can access the areas of the Akashic Records of which their soul plays a part.  Alternately, no one can access our personal Akashic Records without our express permission.  The Akashic Records are protected by spiritual beings who are referred to as the Guides, the Keepers, or the Guardians of the Akashic Records.  These Spirit Keepers help us access our Akashic Records, and they hold strong energetic protection for the information contained therein.
How can I access the Akashic Records?
People access the Akashic Records often through intuition, prayer, meditation, and flashes of insight.  Many of us experience these glimpses of the Akashic Records on a daily basis.  For many people, intentionally opening ourselves to our intuition and inner guidance provides a powerful opening to the information in the Akashic Records.
We can learn to access the Akashic Records more specifically through learning techniques for opening the Akashic Records.  These techniques can include the use of meditations, breathing techniques, and a sacred, spoken prayer of opening. 
In addition to opening the Records ourselves, we can find great clarity through an Akashic Records consultation.  A Consultation, or Reading, consists of having someone who has experience and expertise in working with the Akashic Records open your Records so that you can receive information from them.  An Akashic Record Consultation can be extremely valuable, because it offers specific information that arises directly from your personal soul journey.  Every conceivable question regarding your life and your soul journey can be answered during an Akashic Records Consultation.
What information can I get from the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records contain every thought, emotion, action, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space.  Your personal Akashic Records contain every piece of information regarding your soul’s experience.  In the Records, you can learn about your relationships, your health, your soul path, and every other conceivable topic regarding you!  Because the information in the Akashic Records is held in the energy of love, the answers you receive to questions during an Akashic Reading offer helpfulness and hopefulness as well as profound empowerment through knowing the truth.
Blessings H.p Carmen

Recent Solar Storm has more effect than first realised

A recent spate of furious eruptions on the surface of the sun hurled a huge amount of heat toward Earth — the biggest dose our planet has received from our closest star in seven years, NASA scientists said.
The March 8 through 10 solar storm shot enough energy toward Earth to power every home in New York City for two years, according to space agency researchers.
Although the influx of solar energy puffed up the atmosphere, increasing drag on low-orbiting satellites, it caused fewer disruptions to electronic infrastructure such as electronic grids than some expected. It also offered plenty of eye candy, sparking dazzling auroras in many places.
"It was a big event, and shows how solar activity can directly affect our planet," Martin Mlynczak of NASA Langley Research Center said in a statement.
The solar eruptions began on March 6, and on March 8 a coronal mass ejection — a wave of charged particles — smashed into Earth's magnetic field.
For the next three days, the upper atmosphere, known as the thermosphere, absorbed 26 billion kilowatt-hours of energy. Infrared radiation from carbon dioxide and nitric oxide, the two most efficient coolants in the thermosphere, radiated 95 percent of that total back into space.
"The thermosphere lit up like a Christmas tree," said James Russell of Virginia's Hampton University.
Both Russell and Mlynczak work with SABER, an instrument aboard a NASA satellite. The instrument monitors infrared emissions from Earth’s upper atmosphere, particularly from carbon dioxide and nitric oxide. Both compounds play a key role in the energy balance hundreds of miles above our planet's surface.
Mlynczak said that, despite the impressive numbers, there's no way to harness the incredible amount of energy the sun shot at the Earth. "It’s so diffuse and out of reach high above Earth's surface," he said. And, he added, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide send the majority of the energy back into space.
Although the early March solar storm is ended, the scientists said there is plenty more to come.


”Do Fairies live at the bottom of your garden?
not anymore but a recent discovery would suggest that they probably did. What appear to be the mummified remains of a fairy have been discovered in the Derbyshire countryside. The 8inch remains complete with wings; skin, teeth and flowing red hair have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm that the body is genuine. X-rays of the ‘fairy’ reveal an anatomically identical skeleton to that of a child. The bones however, are hollow like those of a bird making them particularly light. The puzzling presence of a navel even suggests that the beings reproduce the same as humans despite the absence of reproductive organs.
The remains were discovered by a local man, who wishes to remain anonymous, while walking his dog along an old roman road situated between the Derbyshire villages of Duffield and Belper. The area has long been shrouded in mystery with tales of ghostly highwaymen and strange ‘dancing’ lights on warm summer evenings.
“I was walking along the lane at a point which passes an old Iron Age barrow (burial mound) when my dog began to bark and act rather strangely. He was barking in the direction of the barrow and would not go anywhere near it which was strange as we walk past it almost every day. I was curious and approached the mound to see what could be disturbing him and it then I noticed something odd…..in the side of the barrow, a fissure as if a section of ground had subsided or opened up. The crack measured about 2ft long and 1ft wide and looked to have been formed recently as I had never seen it before. I knelt down and looked inside the dark hole. The hill seemed to be hollow like a cave as I could feel a cool draught against my skin. I used the small led torch on my car keys to see if I could see anything in the darkness. It was at this point I saw something that startled me, 2 or 3 feet in front of me I could see a human like form only this was much smaller. My initial instinct was to call the police as I thought it may be the body of a small child but as I looked closer I could see that this was not the case. It was too small and more importantly, it had what appeared to be wings! Not want to touch it I used a stick to carefully drag it out and picked it up in one of the dog’s poo bags (empty of course).”
He immediately called his wife stating he had found something ‘unbelievable’ and asked her to bring a camera and a box immediately.“When I first arrived I could hear the dog barking from some distance, I had no idea what he had found. As I approached the barrow I could see my husband crouched down looking a something on the floor. “What have you found?” I shouted, “See for yourself” he said. I looked down and saw a tiny but perfect mummified human body with hair, dark brown skin and more disturbingly, wings. “I know what it looks like”, he said “but how can it be? And there’s not just one, I’ve had another look inside that hole in the ground and there are more!”
The body was taken home in a biscuit tin and kept in a garage overnight. The following day the local police were informed and the remains were taken away for analysis. As a local expert on the paranormal I was approached by the police for my advice although this was kept rather quiet to avoid ridicule and press attention. I was taken to the location by the man who originally discovered this amazing find. On closer inspection the barrow appears to contain more that 20 fairy bodies all in varying states of mummification.
The dry cave like interior has preserved the remains to such a degree that some bodies even have tiny finger nails and eye brows. I have returned since then to document the find as much as possible. On one particular occasion I was shocked to discover that some attempt had been made to reseal the barrow but by whom?
The site appears to be a burial ground for fairy folk and the exact location of the find has not been revealed and no further remains have been removed from the mound. It has not been substantiated how long the remains have been there although the state of mummification would suggest more than 400 years. The countryside could be strewn with hidden burial mounds which have lain undiscovered for centuries. How could such creatures exist without detection for so many years? Cryptozoologists who have examined the remains suspect they have evolved to suit their surrounding so well they would be virtually invisible to the naked eye. Their wings and skin pigment would camouflage them extremely well and they would most probably live in the tree tops and rarely venture down to ground level. In winter they would probably retreat underground into cave networks.Whether they still exist is another question but the remains found in Derbyshire have laid thousands of years of folklore to rest.”

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