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Car Feng Shui Tips.

Car Feng Shui Tips.

First and foremost, clean the clutter in the car. This seems so benign but is still so critically important to contributing to easy, safe and fun car travel. Once the clutter is cleaned out, then we'll make that new car smell a thing of the past. Use a small cotton ball soaked in a dozen drops of lemon essential oil as an all-natural air freshener and as a way to keep your mind on the road and off daydreams and distractions. A combo of six drops each of lemon and peppermint oils dripped on a cotton ball will keep the driver on the proverbial ball. Playing soft and soothing music will do more to enhance a good mood in the car than any other thing. And, lastly, affix a small convex mirror onto the back bumper of the car in order to repel or reflect bad juju, or to keep away evil energies and road rage.

Feng Shui for the front door of Home or Business

Feng Shui for the front door of Home or Business

The front door, or the main door, is very important in
, no matter we are speaking of the front door of a home or the front door of a business.
In feng shui, the house gets its
nourishment through the front door, so the stronger, healthier and more balanced the front door is, the stronger and better the quality of energy available for those who live in the house.
So, how does a strong
look and feel like? Good question. Here is what defines a front door with strong, good feng shui.

An unobstructed, open flow of energy to the front door.
This means there are no recycling bins, cracked old pots with dead plants or any other items blocking the flow of feng shui energy to your front door.
  A front door that is well-cared for.
A front door that opens widely without squeaking, a front door that has good looking door hardware and paint. No odd looking, unused nails around the door frame, no rusty doorknobs, no worn out Christmas wreaths in June... you get the idea.

A front door that is in harmony with the feng shui element of its direction.
of the front door is very important in feng shui, so in order to harness the best energy it is advisable to choose
that is in harmony with the feng shui element of its direction.

A strong feng shui front door opens up to a smooth flow of energy in the main entry
. The efforts of attracting the best feng shui energy to your house will be wasted if your main entry does not have good feng shui. You need to channel the good feng shui energy throughout your house, and it all starts in your main entry.

A front door that "is enough", or has a good relationship with the house structure. A strong feng shui front door is a door that has good proportions in comparison to the house as a whole. This simple point is often forgotten during home renovations, so you can often see two or three story houses with tiny front doors that might have been enough when the house was initially just a small, ones story structure.

Place a plant with a strong presence in the direct pathway of energy. The feng shui use of a plant, ideally tall and wide, in a visually strong pot, will achieve the similar effect of redirecting the energy.
Reposition the existing furniture pieces to create a redirection of flow. If there is enough space in between the directly aligned doors, create a nice grouping, or a conversation area in the direct pathway. Ground the energy even more with a colourful rug.
Feng shui is all about balance and harmony, so be sure you check the energy of your front door often to assure good feng shui Chi flowing into your house.
One of the basic ways to check the energy flow in your home is to imagine Chi, or energy, as water. If water where to flow into your home from the
, where would it stagnate?
Would the water harmoniously and smoothly flow to all areas of your space, gently refreshing them, or would it rush right out the back door?
Front doors are very important in feng shui, because it is through the front door* that the house absorbs
Stay tuned for more tips to come
regular updates add


November TOPAZ Feng Shui TIP



The precious gem most associated with this month of November is the venerable and mysterious topaz. This stone has been a body adornment for at least 2000 years and has been called one of the precious gemstones that formed the foundations of the twelve gates to the Holy City of Jerusalem. These stones are often referred to as 'apocalyptic' in their nature since they are believed to hold miraculously protective powers. It has long been believed that when worn with this same intent, the topaz can keep anyone safe from enemies. In the realm of mystery and mysticism, the topaz contains a cooling or antiseptic effect while also being said to be able to dispel sadness and anger. It's also said that simply sleeping with a topaz close or next to the skin can relieve nighttime fears. Some legend goes so far to share that a man who wears a topaz will grow more handsome and intelligent while a woman will become much more fertile and happy. Handsomer, smarter, fertile and happy.



Today we celebrate 'Bosses Day,' and considering these tough economic times, giving the boss their due might be a way to spread the day's energies while keeping those paycheck coming in. But what if you feel your boss doesn't acknowledge your contributions as much as they should? There is a specific Feng Shui action step that will bring you wider recognition and vast opportunity for garnering career rewards. This philosophy tells us to position a small brass bell in the middle of the right hand side of your desk, and whenever possible, ring it nine times in succession. Ringing a bell is believed to not only affect a complete space clearing around your immediate office environment, but is also said to attract new customers to you and your business. You can expect increased exposure to lead to increased profits simply by tinkling! If you're the boss of your own business you can even hang small bells above doors or on door handles, since the smaller sounds of little bells creates 'prosperity Chi' and a bigger, better bottom line. And what boss wouldn't love to hear that sound ringing throughout the workplace?




When I was a young girl, my siblings and and I used to sing a little limerick that my  Grandma taught us to invoke on rainy days. It went like this: 'Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day,' which might be an appropriate invocation to utter on today's 'Rain Day.' Unless, of course, you're hoping to see some rain pouring down on your umbrella. In that case, you might want to explore some of the history, legend and lore that connects the frog with an ability to bring rain. In fact, the frog has long been associated with magic and mysterious occult-like abilities. In ancient times frogs were actually kept as pets, especially if there were any need to increase fertility. It's also believed that keeping a frog either inside or outside the home will likely attract new friends, new connections, and even new job opportunities. A frog hopping into your home is a sign of coming good luck, but killing a frog will send bad juju your way. But what about the frog and rain? Ancient legend holds that if you need to see some serious soaking rain you should take a garden frog inside the house and place it in a dark space for a few minutes. This petitions the rain gods to send showers that will rain right down on you!


article finder feng shui plants 4 1 FENG SHUI AND POTTED PLANTS PROSPERITY
I'm going to pick the houseplants agenda and share a little Feng Shui tip that gets powerful results. Feng Shui says that if you want to bring a big blooming burst of fortune and luck into your life you should place three potted plants in the house; one near the entrance, one near the living room and the last one in the bedroom. If any one of the plants die, then it must immediately be replaced with a healthier, more expensive one. This cure promises to balance the wood element in your living space and bring a sense of calm and peace, steadfastness and benevolence. It's believed that anyone suffering from an imbalance of wood is likened to a leaf floating on a pond, being blown hither and yon by changes in the wind. However, once you adjust the wood element you will become like a tree. When the wind blows the tree bends but always returns to the original position. You'll find more flexibility and be open to new inspirations and ideas. You'll also be able to fold all these newfound flashes of brilliance into your everyday life, so whether you take these plants for walk or not, you'll definitely benefit by bringing them into your home!


year of the lucky rat feng shui prosperity Keeping a rat, or any symbol of rats, Feng Shui says that they can expect an increase in intelligence, a steady flow of street smarts and some fertility fecundity to boot. The Chinese actually associate rats with 'fast money luck.' That culture strongly maintains that displaying any symbol of a rat in your Wealth or Career area will activate professional and income opportunities and good luck! You can also display the rat to trigger energies attached to what's called Tao Hua Love Luck for singles born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit, sheep or pig. If you're born under any of those signs, in order to find a perfect partner you should display an image or figurine of a rat in the north of your bedroom. Displaying this image anywhere in the north of your house will also bring new romance or even rekindle a broken relationship, bringing unconditional love, peace and harmony. If any of the aforementioned energies are ones that you'd like to see in your life, don't be mousy -- be the big cheese and get a rat into your space!


bastille-day french feng shui home and work clearing

Vive la France! It's 'Bastille Day' and your agenda should be filled with all things French, including French fries. This day commemorates modern day France and the French democracy since it also symbolizes the end of that country's constitutional monarchy. To the French, Bastille Day is like the American Fourth of July, a holiday that celebrates liberation. If you're longing for freedom from negative energies in your living space, you may want to do what revolutionary soldiers have done since the beginning of time and blast those bloody energies to smithereens! Feng Shui says that the best way to free your living space of the Sha chi, or negative energies, is to set off a loud string of firecrackers, or just turn your favorite music up loud and strong ,why not sing along .The use of loud sounds is a tremendously effective way to clear the energy both inside and outside the home. As an aside, an Eastern custom during Chinese New Year is to hang long strings of firecrackers from the highest level of the outside of the home down to the ground. These firecrackers are then lighted from the ground up, and as they explode, they scatter bits of red paper all around the critical mouth of chi, or the front entryway. Personally, I hang strings of faux firecrackers in my Fame area to keep my 'Q' factor all hot and bothered. But if you feel held hostage to negative energies, do what freedom fighters have done for generations and cleanse and clear and blow them all away! Vive La You!


pecans power of pecans feng shui

The energies of an entire day devoted to pecan pie are oh so sweet. But on this 'Pecan Pie Day' why stop at the gooiness of pie when you can stay within these same energies by eating pecan cake or pralines, pecan butter or ice cream? Indulge on this day and you could also see a little extra cash, since pecans are believed to bring a sweet boost to your bottom line. Pecans are also said to help you keep your job and, let's face it, in these times, any pecan in the pie, so to speak. To ensure your employment, shell a handful of pecans and slowly eat them while visualizing a new you who is gainfully and happily employed. Wrap the shells in a small bag and put them somewhere at your current place of employment where they won't be noticed or removed. This is one tasty Feng Shui way to ensure that you're not removed as well. Next stop, the Executive Sweet. Um, I mean, Suite!


divine guidance balance


Today is 'Cheer Up the Lonely Day' and each one of us should do exactly that. However, if the lonely person you want to cheer up lives far away, you can still send them lovely thoughts and Feng Shui energies guaranteed to bring a smile. Simply place a photo of the person you want to send energies to inside a wooden frame. Place this in the Family/Friends area of your living space and put a green candle beside it. Light the candle and spend a few minutes sending loving and healing vibrations, thoughts and energies to the person in the frame. Once the candle has burned down dispose of it anywhere outside of your living space, as it has now become the receptacle of any negative Chi that could have been keeping your loved one feeling depressed. Leave that picture in place for two more days for a total of three days. You can even place a lamp or other light on it to illuminate and manifest the intention of sending fortune, love and luck. At the end of the third day you can move the photo somewhere else, leave it in this same space or pack it away. But you know that you've done a selfless and wonderful thing that should bring great energies of joy and cheer! Cheers to you! And, of course, Blessings


lucky bridge horseshoe marriage luck prosperity with a partner
In taking a closer look at the energies associated with July, I noticed that this month is sometimes referred to as 'Unlucky Month For Weddings.' Uh oh! What's a July bride (and her groom) to do? According to the ancient principles of Feng Shui, there are five earthly elements that represent a perfect and happy union no matter when they are embraced. This philosophy says that in order to guarantee that your July nuptials proceed 'happily ever after,' the betrothed couple should be sure to include a symbol of each one of those earthly elements on the invitation list. Some examples include: Tree or wood symbols such as plants, paper, flowers or anything green are believed to bring big life to the wedding party. Fire symbols such as candles, sconces or anything red portends passion and adds a sensual sizzle to the affair. Earth or soil symbols like stones, sand, pebbles or anything brown can bring a sense of security. Metal symbols like candlesticks, utensils or anything white will leave everyone feeling filled with strength. Lastly, symbols of water, like images of streams or fountains, vases with water in them, or anything black brings a lasting sense of serenity and flow -- a must for any newlywed couple. In all my years advising couples on secret and successful Wedding Day Shui, I've never not seen these principles help to marry intentions of love everlasting with that very same thing! Even I believe strongly! I do, I do!


bagua feng shui guidance mapFENG SHUI TIP - FOR FORGIVNESS 
I'm sorry, did someone just say that it's 'Global Forgiveness Day?' That makes this a perfect day to get some of that anger out of your liver and into an apology. But what if you can't connect with the person on the other side of the offense so that you can apologize face-to-face? On a plain white piece of paper using a green ink pen, write the name of that person on the paper and fold it in four. Then put the paper inside a glass or crystal (never plastic) receptacle that has a lid, like a glass jar. Cover the paper completely with honey and then seal the lid. For nine consecutive nights, light a white candle close to or placed on top of the container. Spend some time silently speaking your heart while offering forgiveness to the person whose name is inside that jar. On the ninth day, allow the candle to fully burn down and then place what's left of both the candle and the jar into a brown paper bag. Dispose of this bag somewhere outside of the house, and wait. It won't be long before an improbable opportunity arises that allows you to clear the air. Then you can breathe again! Love might mean never having to say you're sorry, but this cure kicks that up a notch and allows you to say it in your heart. Soon enough it will be swelling with forgiveness and love restored.


bagua bagua feng shui guidance mapFENG SHUI YOUR WORK STATION : ensuring that all of my computers run smooth as silk. Feng Shui says to hang above your computer a clear and round, faceted quartz crystal with nine (or some derivative of that number) inches of red string, thread, ribbon or yarn. From the personal perspective, this cure is believed to bring clear thinking and a big boost to creativity. From the business one, hanging a large and faceted crystal ball in the center of the computer room or above a work station will disperse negative Chi and encourage or activate a smooth and prosperous flow of data and communications. In fact, being 'crystal clear' and enacting this cure will absolutely eliminate troubles stemming from any cyber system. And taking your crystal to lunch might just save your some coin as well, so it's all good!



bagua bagua feng shui guidance
Three cheers for the red, white and blue! Red because it's considered to be one of the single most powerful colors on the planet. According to Feng Shui, wearing red is believed to bring you fame and notoriety. Red grabs attention and will get you noticed. In many traditions and countries red is also the color of choice to be married in, as it is also associated with amore. In the color theory adopted by this modality, red can also be attributed to energy, luck, courage, passion, marriage, faith and communication. Obviously, red is HOT. But what does Feng Shui say about white? White represents confidence, purity and poise. Wearing white will allow others to see your value as you embrace your own esteem. Combined with gold or silver, white is said to promote peace and provide a calm and cool environment. White encourages wisdom both on the battlefield and off. And then there's blue, which is believed to be able to calm and soothe. Feng Shui says that blue reflects love and that it helps to heal and relax. Blue is credited with creating a feeling of peace and trust. And since it is the color of both the sea and sky, Feng Shui says that blue is associated with adventure and exploration. Navy blue is the color of intellect and critical thinking. So whether the stars and the stripes are calling, looking at these colors anew can bring you positive energies you might not have been aware of before. So, truly, three cheers for the red, white and blue. Happy Fourth of July!

                                BLESSINGS BE


bagua bagua feng shui guidance Feng Shui says that some of the secret rituals associated with magic mirrors date from the ancient Chinese classics where references to the power inherent in this glass is enhanced further from specific action steps. These classics said that mirrors are imbued with special attributes and could be used for many different intentions. For our intent today we're going to capture some sunlight and store some potent and powerful fire energy that will make you look hot, hot, hot! On any bright and sunny day, hold a small mirror inside the palm of your hand and raise it high, tilting it to catch the sunlight. Allow for the sun to be fully reflected in the mirror but don't hold it up for any longer than nine seconds. Be sure that there aren't people around who could inadvertently affect your efforts by having their images also captured in the mirror. Holding a mirror to reflect the sun symbolizes the power of heaven meeting the beauty of earth. Now that you've activated the mirror, it's time to bring a glow to your face. The next time you apply any kind of moisturizer, shaving cream, or makeup, be sure to look directly into this mirror and keep it handy for personal and beautifying purposes only. This mirror not only brings beauty, but promises good fortune and luck as well. 


FENG SHUI TIP -If you are trying to remember where you have put something or maybe cant remember why you walked into a room? :)?

bagua bagua feng shui guidance Let's see, where was I again? Oh, right, at 'I Forgot Day,' a day I don't seem to ever remember. If you have trouble remembering where you put things, or recalling someone's name, you may want to try this time-tested memory technique. According to author Claude Bristol, the next time you've forgotten something, just sit with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your spine straight. Breathe regularly but deeply and quiet your mind. Now hold your right hand up a few inches away from the center of your forehead with your palm facing towards your face with fingertips pointing up. Imagine or visualize that what is missing and ask yourself the where, the who, or the answer to what you're looking for. Put your hand down and go about your business and within minutes the information should be clear to you. If for whatever reason you don't remember to do cure the next time something goes missing, then you can always rely on another tried and true family favorite that has never let me down. A little ditty to Saint Anthony that I was taught when I was a girl goes like this: 'Saint Anthony come around. Something's lost that can't be found. If I can find it, I will give (insert amount here) amount of money to charity or the poor. Thank you Saint Anthony. I believe.' Release that prayer to the heavens and just you wait! It won't be long before whatever it is that you can't recall comes calling. And this time, it'll remember your name! :)



bagua bagua feng shui guidance
How quickly time flies by! Today's 'Second Half of the Year Day' is as good a time as any to refresh or rejuvenate some of the Feng Shui cures we might have put into place since earlier this year. Of course, the gold standard for shaking up positive energy and allowing you to always find the silver lining is to move 27 things around your living space. This is actually a bit more difficult than you might think, but it carries such an immediate shift and powerful punch that it's well worth both the time and the effort. Another proven way to change energies and gather all the good luck you can is to move your bed completely away from where it normally sits and to vacuum around and under it. Never enact this cure if you're pregnant or planning on getting pregnant since it's thought that the 'ling' or soul of the baby resides under the bed until birth. And while we're issuing warnings, never sweep this space, as that's believed to sweep your good luck away. When you return your bed into position, move it a half inch on either side from where it used to sit. That way you're assured of some sweet dreams coming true, even and especially when you're wide awake!

Feng Shui Tip - Attract a lover

bagua bagua feng shui guidance FENG SHUI - Attract a lover

You may already know that placing two pink roses in a white vase on your nightstand will attract a lover, but there's a cure that uses rosewater that purports to do the same. Tradition states that rosewater has been used through the ages to manifest all kinds of romantic hopes, wishes and dreams. Take the petals from a dozen roses and put them in a glass jar and fill with pure spring, rain or distilled water, covering the petals only. Let this jar sit outside in the summertime sun for one whole day and take it back inside before darkness descends. Discard the petals and save the rose infused water. Next, in red ink write a romantic wish on a piece of paper and float the paper in the rose water. The ink should immediately start to somewhat dissolve, whereupon you should drink the rest of the water! This is the tops in magically manifesting a mate so, what else can I say but bottoms up!



bagua bagua feng shui guidance Thinking of Marriage ?

Its simply deciding to be married, all it takes to get your wedding Shui on? Well, it's a darn good start. Declare that decision and create a clear intention in order to make sure that what you decide is also what you get. Then, once you've decided to be married, arrange a cluster of crystals such as clear or rose quartz or amethyst in the Love arena of your bedroom. Be sure that there's some sort of light, either natural sunlight or from a lamp, that illuminates this cluster. Arrange an image of the Double Happiness Symbol somewhere close by as well. The crystals should be lit for at least three consecutive hours every day. Leave this love-ly cure in place for at least 27 days, although 49 days would be much more optimal. If you forget or skip lighting them for any one day you must begin the adjustment all over again. After the 49th day you can put the crystals away and turn off the lights, but you should keep the Happiness Symbol in that same place. Soon enough your decision to get married should show some substantial forward momentum and a walk down the aisle shouldn't be too far behind! I'll go ahead and offer my own best wishes right now!




bagua bagua feng shui guidance Love might mean not ever having to say you're sorry, but learning to effectively apologize is a tool that can help you build your best life ever. But what if the person or people you need to apologize to represent an issue too deep for you to handle? What if the wound is so great, or the specter of apologizing is so sensitive, that you can't quite get up the courage to ask forgiveness? Then it's time for a Feng Shui cure that fits this bill perfectly. First you need to write the name of anyone involved on a piece of white paper with green ink. White represents purity and innocence and green is for healing. Fold the paper in fours and place it inside any lidded glass or crystal receptacle. Once inside, completely cover and immerse the paper in honey. Shut the lid tightly, and place on a counter in your kitchen. Every night, for nine consecutive nights, place a small white candle either next to or on top of the jar and light it. For the few minutes that the candle stays lit, send forgiveness and love to whoever's name is written on the paper. Blow the candle out until it's time to light it again the following night. On the last night allow the candle to burn all the way down and then dispose of it in a brown paper bag outside of your space. Then sit back and wait for the perfect opportunity to offer the perfect apology and bring balance and love back to your life. I'm sorry, but there's no better Feng Shui forgiveness than this.


Celebrating your senses the Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui  balance tips home office business
The energies infusing this 'Celebrate the Senses Day' certainly make it a Feng Shui friendly sort of day! In Feng Shui we say that anything that appeals to any one of the standard five senses also attracts healthy, happy and prosperity aligned energies. So we use stimulants and triggers like essential oils or incense to activate the sense of smell and engage that energy to affect a specific life aspiration. Sound and music appeal to our auditory senses as they can make for a melodic life. Beautiful and bright colors create an optimistic ocular connection and help us to see where we need to heal and become whole. Intentionally preparing powerful foods with love and humor lend delicious energies to each magical mouthful and to the positive and nutritious effects those foods will have on the body. Touch your environment today and harness some excellent energies by burning some sweet smelling incense while also bringing a bright color into your living arena. Red will fan the flames of the Fame area while embracing a pretty pink set of sheets on your bed could bring you the love of your life. Play music that you love and dance until your heart pumps pure joy. And then settle down to a favorite food and take your time as you eat. Appreciate the effort and then give gratitude to the food so that you can nourish and nurture yours. Consciously celebrate the five senses for even ten minutes today and see your whole life shift in the most delightful way.

bagua ying and yank celestial bagua


Feng Shui  balance tips home office business
we love our dogs! In many places in Europe it is 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' I, however, don't know of many places where I've worked in the past that would let my pooch its paws up behind a desk. But somebody thought that leaving Fido home alone every day might make his life a bit too ruff, hence the idea of allowing the pooch to come to work.Dogs are said to heal in ways we as humans are not aware . If your dog likes to ride in the car with his head hanging out the window, chances are good that on occasion his eyes might get a bit inflamed. In order to alleviate that aggravation, dampen a soft and lint-free cloth with warm water and use it to carefully clean the dog's eyes. Then drop a bit of castor oil into each eye. If your dog's eyes are inflamed you can follow this all-natural regimen twice a day for a few days or until the dog's eyes return to normal. And don't worry so much about what the boss has to say about you bringing your best bud to work. Rumor has it that his bark is worse than his bite!

crystals by gbrgraphix amethyst clear quartz cluster



imagesgkklih Feng Shui compass and maps
How many times have you had someone tell you to 'just breathe' and 'let it go'? Every time I moan to someone about something that's really bothering me, I'm quite sure that I'll hear that same piece of empowering advice. On this 'Let It Go Day' I want to offer a specific way of breathing that will help you to stay centered in the energies of the day while also helping you eliminate anything keeping you from a state of perfect bliss and balance. Inhale, visualizing light beginning at your feet and traveling smoothly up the inside of your body until it gets to your eyebrows. Breathe this light into your body in five consecutive stages without exhaling. In the sixth stage you can exhale while seeing the light shoot out the top of your head, returning to the source of all light from whence it came. As you breathe, mentally hear the sounds of the Buddhist Six True Words mantra and be sure to visualize all corresponding colors as follows: Inhale one big breath and then immediately 'see' white light traveling from the bottom of your feet to your knees. Hear the sound Om. Next see red light traveling from your knees to your hips and hear the sound Ma. See yellow light moving from your hips to the naval while hearing the sound Ni. Green light goes from your belly button up to your neckline while you hear the sound Pad. Blue light goes from your neck to your eyebrows as you hear the sound Me, and lastly, see black light moving from your eyebrows and shooting out the top of your head going towards infinity. Hear the sound Hum. Now, do the whole sequence two more times for a total of three inhalations/exhalations. Now you're aligned and balanced and have increased positive Chi in your internal and external environments. So, it's time to relax and Let It Go!

Colored Crystals light prisms reflective meditation by CygX1


imagesgkklih Feng Shui compass and drawn map
Certain Native American folklore believes that aligning yourself with eagle 'medicine' is to take on the potentially powerful assignment of becoming much more than you are at this moment in time. From a karmic perspective, aligning your energies with that of the eagle will now predicate events to fly faster and everything you think, do or say will begin to manifest in much more rapid ways. Therefore, some Indian Medicine shamans also believe that accepting the eagle as your personal totem is to be willing and ready to fly into a powerful new dimension of your life that will accelerate and exponentially increase your spiritual vibration. The promise of imbibing this 'medicine' is that you will now become the bearer of a new creative force in your world. This concept also dovetails nicely with the Feng Shui view of the eagle. According to this philosophy an image or statue of the majestic eagle (especially if it's spreading its wings) when placed in the Fame area of your home or office, will bring great news of your personal victories and rewards. The eagle is a symbol of courage, longevity, power and successful ventures that will propel you to greater heights. This bald bird has contributed powerfully to the success of my own endeavors and I am completely confident it can do the same for you. Be sure, though, that the eagle is flying into not away from your Fame area to be sure that the eagle will then land with a powerful payday for you!


Feng Shui Compass and maps
'Here's a little tip that I would like to relate. Many fish bites if ya got good bait.' We can all agree that the last line is applicable in almost every area of life, hook, line and sinker. According to Feng Shui, fish represent abundance, in part because the Chinese word for fish -- yu -- also means prosperity, abundance and wealth. Therefore many business people in Asia keep live fish both in the office and in their homes. An aquarium is the preferred Shui way to house fish, and it's said to be especially effective when displayed near the front entrance or in the Career area of the living room. Some of the more fortunate fish to keep are goldfish, carp, arrowana, guppies and any other beautiful freshwater fish. Of that list, the arrowana holds the most mystique because it is the dragon fish, and the dragon is the single most powerful and opportunity abundant creature in this philosophy. But arrowana are sometimes difficult to keep since they will grow to the length of their surroundings and also eat live worms. Goldfish are also a fabulous fish to keep since they also are believed to boost the bottom line. In the garden, of course, koi is king and it better be because you need ransom to buy one. Much more reasonably priced and easier to keep in ponds or pots are guppies, who are perpetually pregnant and so share a wonderful growth and creativity Chi. Always keep your fish healthy and the living space clean. There's nothing worse in Feng Shui than sad, unhealthy fish. Lastly, if keeping fish is not an option for you, then figurines or images of fish will work almost equally as well. All of this proves, as Taj tell its, that 'many fish bites if you got good bait.' In this case, cast your intention in the waters of life and see what positive prosperity you fish out in return.
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